Women’s Nourishment Gathering



  • Sunday – February 11th – (Root and Sacral Chakras)
  • Sunday – March 17th (Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras)
  • Sunday – April 14th (Heart and Throat Chakras)
  • Sunday – May 26th (3rd Eye and Crown Chakras)

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Location: Black Creek Community Centre
Price: $87

Call to pay and reserve your spot 250-337-5190

Space is limited to 16 women

What to Expect

  • Welcoming and closing circle
  • Teachings about the energy of the focus element
  • 1h Therapeutic Yin and Restorative Yoga Practice
  • 25 min Yoga Nidra with Sound
  • 45 min Sound Medicine
  • Journaling
  • Oracle and Tarot Cards
  • Sacred Healing Space with 2 Guides
  • Time for tea, snacks and connections


Lena will guide you through a therapeutic and rejuvenating yin and restorative yoga practice, using somatics, ball rolling, doweling, intuitive movement and breath work. Next you will receive a deeply nourishing and restful yoga Nidra practice that brings you on a journey connected to the chakras that are in focus to help you dive deeper into the energy, the area of your body and the whole experience.

Sarah will chant and use sound to connect and tap into these energy systems even deeper. Sarah uses voice, singing bowls, shamanic drumming and a variety of other sound medicine instruments to create a truly transformative experience. Through the phenomenon of entrainment, the body and entire being harmonize and align more easily, setting the stage for healing.

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