Move, Meditate & Manifest

A Month Long Deep Dive into Moon Wisdom

Monday, January 3rd – Monday, January 31st

Mondays & Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm Via Zoom

Cost is a sliding scale so choose what you can afford from $199, $249 or $299

What a beautiful way to welcome the New Year, New Lunar Cycle and New Energy by expanding into your dreams and dharma.

Manifesting is just a word that means conscious deliberate intention to actualize the goals, visions, and life you desire. Join me for a month of mindful movement, meditation and manifesting connected to our Sacred Feminine and the Lunar Cycles.

We will meet twice a week to help you tap into your intuition, find your center and actualize your dreams. Connecting in sacred circle over a whole lunar cycle, the first lunar cycle of 2021, to dive deeper into your passion, purpose and awaken your desires. We will invoke the sacred feminine, cyclical rhythms, and lunar cycles for a supportive and holistic experience.

Monday sessions will be focused on connecting into the phases of the moon with movement, meditation and manifesting, while Thursday’s will include some practical tools to help you incorporate into your daily practice such as card readings, journaling, crystals, rituals, canting, moon baths, vision boarding as well as time to share and connect.


    • Weekly Guided Meditations
    • Weekly Yoga and movement practice to connect to the energy of the moon and awaken your intuition and your purpose
    • Weekly manifestation and journaling prompts to help you act on your desires
    • New Moon + Full Moon Ceremony and Moon Gathering to increase the spark of your Manifestations
    • Space to ignite and expand on your manifestation
    • Connection to Self and the Group
    • Learning how to work with the different phases of the moon and moving through a full lunar cycle
    • Free vision boarding workshop on Sunday, January 9th
    • Tools to help you connect deeper to yourself, your intuition, your desires, and the moon
    • Access to my private Facebook group where you receive free monthly Meditations, New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies for the whole year
    • A fun and informative guided 12-month card reading
    • A 17 page online moon and manifesting workbook
    • Space to share and ask questions

    On our first day we welcome the New Moon Energy with a welcoming New Moon ceremony and intention setting. That first week we will also learn how to do a 12 month card reading to help guide our year ahead. On the Sunday you will get access to my New Year Vison Boarding workshop.

    We begin on a Monday, January 3rd with the New Moon in Capricorn welcoming circle and intention setting. Moving through each phase of the moon and having a Full Moon in Cancer Ceremony on January 17th halfway through our month together. We will conclude our month together on the New Moon in Aquarius, using all the tools we have learned to set intentions, goals and manifest for the new lunar cycle.

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