Vision Boarding, Manifestation and Year Planning Workshop


Date: Saturday, January 20th

Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm

Place: Black Creek Community Centre

Price: $98


Join Lena Watt, Yoga Therapist and Moon Goddess for an integrated workshop combining Moon Wisdom, Meditation, Movement, Manifesting, Oracle Cards, Journaling, Connection and Vision Boarding. You will be guided through a transformational circle to help incorporate simple lunar and planetary wisdom to help you create a vision board withintention, presence and passion connected to the energies of the number 8 and 2024. Moon Wisdom is a deep dive into the mysteries, magic, and wisdom of the moon. Traditional lunar wisdom draws on the powers of the moon to enrich our lives, improve our health, understand our fertility, enhance our sensual pleasure, allow our gardens to flourish, connect us with the energetic realms, and light our path in many ways. Learn my simple and powerful Manifestation tips and tricks to help you release old blocks and outdated thinking and step deeper into your purpose and true nature.

What to Expect

  • Opening and Closing Circle
  • Learn about the Moon Phases and how to align with them
  • Manifesting with the Moon and Planets
  • Learn about the over aching energies of the year and what to focus on to have your best year yet
  • Journaling for Clarity and Creating Your Dream Year
  • Explore different breathing, yoga and meditation practices to help connect you to your intuition, desires and purpose
  • Connect deeper to the moon, nature and her rhythms and cycles
  • Create a vision board for your 2024 year
  • Snacks, Tea and Manifesting Gift Bag
  • Connect and build community

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