Journey Through the Chakras Series

7 Week Series

Dates: April 26th – June 7th

Time: 8:00-9:00pm Via Zoom


The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word for Wheel. They are sometimes called spinning vortexes, spheres, disks or energy. Chakras are the centers in the body for the reception, assimilation and transformation of life energy.  There are “7 major wheels or energy centers” radiating from the central channel the Sushumna located along the spinal column form the base of the spine to the top of the head.  Each Chakra is associated with a particular physical, mental, emotion and spiritual aspect of our being.

The energy of the Charkas correspond to major areas of our lives:

1st-Survival/Safety; 2nd Sexuality/Emotions; 3rd– Power/Energy; 4th Love/Joy;
5th -Truth/Communication; 6th – Imagination/Wisdom; 7th– Spiritual/Connection. 

This practice can help you heal, transform and create a deeper connection to the Self.

In this series you will be introduced to all 7 major chakras as a system for self-healing and overall wellbeing. Each week we will focus on one chakra, starting with the heart, as the journey begins with the heart, connecting us deeper to ourselves, our souls and the abundant energy all around us. This series is part lecture and primarily practice, to really feel the energy in your body.  The first 10-15 min will be a check in with some slides and the last 45-50 min will be practice. We will explore a variety of asana postures, movement, mudras, breathing, and seed sounds to connect with the energy of each chakra.  Everyone is welcome.

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