Yoga for Deep Rest and Rejuvenation

5 Week Series

  • Date: January 10th – February 7th
  • Time: Wednesdays from 8:00pm – 8:45pm via Zoom – all sessions will be live and recorded

Cost is a sliding scale $40 – $75 choose what you can afford

Do you struggle with sleep, rest and feeling restored and rejuvenated? Are you a new mom or have multiple children and sometimes feel stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out and exhausted? Or maybe you have a highly demanding job and work a lot, finding it challenging to decompress, turn things off and find a healthy work/life balance.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that moves through the 5 stages of sleep to help you feel very deeply rested and rejuvenated. Also referred to as “yogic sleep” or “conscious sleep” — allows the body to go into a deep state of relaxation. This ancient practice coming from the Sankhya philosophy is considered one of the keys to happiness by becoming aware of the distinction between the observer and what is being observed, such as thoughts, feelings, sensations, objects, and other beings. Yoga Nidra allows the body to enter a state of consciousness that is almost in a deep sleep, where we restore the body, senses, and mind to their natural function and awaken a seventh sense that allows us to feel no separation and open into wholeness, love, joy and acceptance. In this place, healing, reconstruction, repair, and reorganization take place at a cellular level. This state calms the automatic Nervous System and puts the parasympathetic nervous system into a deeper resting state.

We will start with some history and teaching about sleep and Nidra, followed by some gentle movement, pranayama and a 25 min nidra practice. By surrendering and fully relaxing the physical body with yoga nidra, the body and mind come to a deeply relaxed state with the intention of staying awake. This practice has been such an important piece in my healing journey from healing a traumatic brain injury, to anxiety, panic attacks and now an exhausted new mom. My intention is to help you learn another tool to heal your nervous system, build more resilience and deep rest and improve your overall energy and sleep.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Improved thought patterns
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhanced cognitive performance and memory
  • Enhanced energy and wakefulness throughout the day
  • Improved self-esteem, selflove and confidence
  • Better sleep and improved physical health
  • Improved waking mindfulness
  • Reduce pain and trauma held in the body
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