Pelvic Health & Core Series

In Person 6 Week Series

  • Start Date: Tuesday, March 12th
  • Morning Sessions: 10:15 am – 11:15 am (taken place upstairs at Club Fitness).
  • Evening Session: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm (taken place at Mend Body Works).
  •  Cost: $90
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Many people don’t know that after my 3rd accident I had a partial dislocation of the left side of my pelvis and due to my brain injury and the impact of the collision I lost all connection and feeling in my pelvic floor.

I lost my period for 2 years and was unable to orgasm or feel most things in my womb space. This contributed to many other issues, not being able to get pregnant being one of them that I have spent the last 8 years healing. It took a lot of time, patience, practice, softness, acceptance, learning and letting go to rebalance my pelvic floor and increase sensation and decrease pain.  

Today I am the blessed Mother of my 10 month old daughter, Amara. I also experienced a prolapse after the birth of my daughter which brought me even deeper into this work and practice. I have healed so much in my womb space and pelvic floor from these teachings and practices and I feel so grateful to share them with other women.

This is an interoceptive series that incorporates, balls, tapping, somatics, therapeutic yoga and tensegrity to bring a deeper awareness of the core and pelvic floor, the center of our body. Often this is an area of the body we are slightly disconnected with and can have imbalances that affect our Physical and emotional body.  In this series we will start off with 15-20 min of important education about the pelvic floor and pelvic bowl, followed by a 40 min movement practice and ending with 5 min for questions.

This series will help to deeper that connection and provide different tools to invite more awareness and balance into our pelvis and core regions. It will include all the regular elements of a yoga class, with a focus on breath, primarily the apana vayu breath, the core, pelvis and pelvic floor.   This series is great for All women, and anyone with a pelvis. 


  • Release old stagnant energy and create more space and freedom
  • Heal trauma and pain
  • Reawaken the magic that lies within your pelvic bowl
  • Connect to your roots and intuition
  • Pre and Post-natal care
  • Learn about pelvic floor imbalances and how to heal them
  • Pelvic Floor anatomy
  • Regain natural healthy alignment
  • Explore different breathing practices to connect deeper to your core
  • Develop more body awareness and interoception
  • Soften and let go of fascial holding patterns
  • Find a whole-body connection to your pelvic floor and core
  • Learn new tools and strategies to help you understand your body better and what you need

    Online 6 Week Series

    • Start Date: Wednesday, March 13th 
    • From 8:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Via Zoom

    • Cost is a sliding scale, choose what you can afford

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