Health Hips Yoga Series

*6-Week, In-Person Series*

When: Starts November 14th – December 19th
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 10:15am-11:15am
Place: Club Fitness 
Price: $90

This series is focused on understanding the different components of hip anatomy for yoga and to help you move and function in your everyday life. In this 6-week series we will dive into the different movements of the hip joints and learn ways to strengthen and soften them so you feel more balanced as you move through your day. We will focus on a different area each week. Through a combination of pranayama, function movement, yoga, somatics and myofascial release we will explore different movements to help heal, support, soften and strengthen the body. The pelvic and hips are the centre of your body, connect deeper to your centre and find more total body balance and ease.


It helps


  • Learn about your hip anatomy

  • Help strengthen your hips, glutes and core

  • Regain natural healthy alignment

  • Find freedom, balance and ease in the body

  • Develop more body awareness and interoception

  • Learn different movements to strength and stretch the hips

  • Help strengthen the muscles around the knee for better balance

  • Explore function movement, yoga, somatics and myofascial release

  • Create strength and flexibility

  • Find a whole-body connection to the core

  • Improve your yoga practice

6-Week, In-Person Series

Starting, Tuesday, June 6th. From 10:15am-11:15am

Club Fitness (upstairs)

Registration: $90


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