Empowered Goddess Oracle Cards

Empowering and honouring women as they journey through each stage of their lives.

A Goddess Oracle inspired by the divine strength, beauty, and diversity of women.

  • Do you believe in the empowering power of art & words?
  • Do you love beautiful oracle cards & quality art capturing the divine essence of women?
  • Do you need an empowering daily ritual to fill and uplift you?

Then the Empowered Goddess Oracle Card Deck is for you!

Created and Powered by Women for Women.

In ancient times, divine feminine knowledge and wisdom was passed from mother to daughter. Women gathered in circles to empower and honour each other. From maiden to mother, mother to queen, queen to crone, and crone to maiden. We uplifted each other through word, song, stories, dance and art. Wisdom was passed down through generations and moving through the different stages to reach the crone was deeply honoured and revered. Ritual, connection and community strengthened women both individually and collectively.

The deck features 48 cards, split into four seasons of 12 cards.

  • Maiden – Spring – Waxing Moon – Follicular Phase – Earth and Water
  • Mother – Summer – Full Moon – Ovulation Phase – Fire
  • Queen / Witch – Fall – Waning Moon – Luteal Phase – Air
  • Crone / Wise Woman – Winter – New Moon – Menstruation Phase – Ether


We have chosen to print independently so there is a limited number of this deck available.

Cost: $77 per deck

Purchase 5 decks and save 15% per deck so a total of $330.00

Local pick up in Campbell River BC is free

Shipping is $30 to anywhere in the world.

    Meet your Oracle Card Creators

    Lena Watt

    Lena is a Yogi, an adventurer, a Moon Goddess and a Kitchen Witch at heart. She is a Yoga Therapist, Somatic Movement Guide, Reiki Healer, Energy Worker, Circle Guide, Natal Chart Reader, Retreat Leader, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, writer and a lifelong learner. She values the sacredness of life and tries to sprinkle ritual into her daily life. Sharing some of these rituals with others explodes her heart, just as much as moving, breathing and connecting with herself and her community in circle.

    She teaches ancient wisdom through practical, embodied practices in our modern world. Hoping to help unveil the innate knowing that we are all ENOUGH, we are all WHOLE and COMPLETE exactly as we are, we are all ONE, we are all LOVE. All of her previous wisdom, healing, experiences and practices have culminated together in the creation of this cyclical living, empowered goddess deck. She is a new mom, step-mom and cat mom.

    Therena Carlin

    Therena is an artist & author, a warrior goddess & dark witch, and an award winning photographer. She specializes in empowering women through her art. She has captured the essence of feminine power through her lens for the past 8+ years. Through her many experiences being a woman during this time and raising a daughter of her own she wants to help women see and embrace both their inner and outer beauty through her art. She helps women step into their true authentic selves and shine a light on their inner goddess. She is a wife and mother of three.

    My affirmation for this dream of mine.

    Like the cyclical seasons of life, this deck is designed to cycle through the year with you. Offering empowering words, wisdom, and art to meditate on. Each card has a different herb, stone and way to attune with nature to offer further support and guidance. There are also 4 journaling prompts and 4 mantra suggestions to dive a little deeper into card and the energy.

    As I hope that the women that need this wisdom, these messages and practices will find it. That is my wish and I send it out into the universe.

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