Beginner Meditation Series

6 Week Series
Starting: Wednesday, September 27th
Time: 8:00pm-8:45pm
Via Zoom – All sessions will be Live and Recorded

Cost is sliding scale $50-$75 choose what you can afford

Are you new to meditation and not sure where to start? Are you a new mom or have multiple children and sometimes feel stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out? Or maybe you have tried it many times before and it just doesn’t seem to work for you. 

Meditation is for everyone!  It has helped me immensely through all the stages in my life to find clarity, calmness, grounding and gratitude.  It’s about being present, being curious and exploring the sensation, feelings, emotions and thoughts and arise in the body and mind. Meditation asks us to suspend our judgments, criticisms and attachments, allowing things to move and flow through us, by observing and noticing the workings of the mind, approaching whatever comes up with love, acceptance, warmth and kindness, to ourselves and others. This 6-week beginner series will give you opportunities to explore different types of meditations and see what ones work for you. We will start very simple and gentle and grow our practice together.

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