10 Month New Moon Goddess Journey

with Tova Payne and Lena Watt 

All Sessions 4:30pm —5:45pm

Via Zoom, will be recorded and emailed out
Cost is a sliding scale so choose what you can afford

Connect deeper to the lunar cycles this year and the cycles all around and within you. 


March – Sunday the 14th

August- Monday the 9th
April – Sunday the 11th September – Tuesday the 7th
May- Tuesday the 11th October – Monday the 6th
June- Thursday the 10th November – Thursday the 4th
July- Thursday the 8th December – Sunday the 5th

Led by Tova Payne: B.Sc. Certified Life Skills Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Yoga + Meditation Facilitator and Lena Watt, Yoga Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach + Moon Goddess


  • New Moon Ceremony and Moon Gathering to increase the spark of your manifestations with guided meditation connected to each new moon

  • Monthly yoga and movement practice to awaken your intuition and your purpose

  • Monthly manifestation and journaling prompts to help you take action on your desires

  • Space to ignite and expand on your manifestation and share with others

  • Connection to Self, the Group and Mother Earth

  • Moving through 10 months of lunar cycles with awareness and mindfulness

  • Bonus Full Moon Meditation video and Journaling prompts each month  

  • Bonus Free Moon video to learn how to work with the different phases of the moon each month

  • Support and Accountability with Two Guides: Lena Watt and Tova Payne

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